St. Benny's Bees Honey
St. Benny's Bees Honey

St. Benny's Bees Honey

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Raw Local Honey! 🍯

St. Benny's Bees is a local family run business located in the heart of Vero. Their goal is to provide our community with delicious honey made right in their own backyard. We are thrilled to partner with them to bring you this beautiful jar of honey, all while supporting local & giving back with our Vero Initiative!

Each quarter, we choose a local non-profit partner to support through our Vero Initiative. Every time a Vero Initiative item is purchased, a portion of the sale goes directly to them! 

Learn more about St. Benny's Bees at @stbennysbees


(Made in a cottage food operation, not subject to Florida's food safety regulations)

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