SUDS Cleaner
SUDS Cleaner

SUDS Cleaner

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SUDS is a unique all purpose water based cleaner. This all purpose cleaner has no harsh chemicals and is non abrasive. 

100% biodegradable 


Use as a paste or mix with hot water to make a spray solution. Suds is great for soft surfaces such as fabrics, carpets, upholstery (Audrey's has gotten marker stains out of her couch with this!) and it's safe in all carpet machines. 

You can also use suds on hard surfaces such as wood, stainless, grills, ovens, tile & grout & windows! 

Audrey's recommendations on use :)

"I use the paste straight from the container and rub a little on tough stains. I've used this method on my own clothes, the kids clothes, the couch, walls, tile floor, and the car! I let it sit for a bit and depending on what kind of stain it is I will put it in the wash or I'll scrub lightly with a brush (For the couch or upholstery!) I've been super impressed with suds and I think you will love it too! I've also made up a spray solution by mixing 1 table spoon of the paste with warm water then filling a 16oz glass spray jar. I leave it in my laundry room and use it on lighter stains when I'm doing laundry! 

2 tsp to 16 oz. of hot water

1 tsp to 16 oz. of hot water

Dissolve SUDS 32 parts HOT water, one part SUDS.

* One 8 oz. tub makes 2-3 gallons
* 2-3 Tbls make 1 quart

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